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West Thai Yoga Massage

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1 to 1 stretching

based on Thai Yoga massage

Lower back and ham string stretch. The stretch is applied by gently leaning on the sole of his foot. By moving my left foot forward I can raise his leg further and continue the stretch.

This massage applies gentle rocking pressure to the muscles to stretch them and gradually relax them. The massage can be full body for general health and relaxation, or a programme can be devised for the client’s specific needs.


Thai Yoga Massage is suitable for sports injuries, accident or post-operative rehabilitation, and general aches and pains such as back ache, head-aches and migraine, physical or emotional trauma, bad posture. Thai Yoga Massage with its great range of techniques can release blockages in the body's energy system and bring the body back to its natural balance.

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Price: 50 minutes - £40


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