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West Thai Yoga Massage

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Elena West

Elena West

I trained originally as a midwife and later, in 1993, as a massage therapist before studying Massage, Rehabilitation and Recreational Exercise at Moscow University where I graduated in 1998 and finished my PhD in 2003.


Since 2002 I qualified as a Thai Yoga Massage therapist with the Changmai School.


2012 - now

I moved to the UK in 2012. Since then I have worked as a massage therapist at the Cornwall Chiropractic Clinic in Hayle providing different types of massage for a wide range of patients.

I have been working at the Cathedral Chiropractic Clinic in Truro and with various private clients at the Cornwall Yoga Centre.


SinceI moved to England in 2012 I have continued my education in Thai Yoga Massage, in London with Ralf Marzen at the Mudita School, David Lutt at the Lulyani School and Kira Balaskas .


I want to thank all my teachers at the Metta School in Moscow, also Ralf Marzen and David Lutt.

They have shared with me their wonderful world of the art of touching,

the art of Thai Yoga Massage


I study, practice and teach Yoga, and the traditional Japanese martial arts of Jodo and Iaido.


West Thai Yoga massage organises beginners workshops, and I am available to share my experience with newly qualified and experienced massage therapists.