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By westthaiyogamassage, Dec 9 2015 11:36AM

Some simple tips to help with maintaining a healthy lifestyle:

1. In the morning when you get up, make a cup of warm water and add a squeeze of lemon and half a teaspoon of honey to drink before you eat or drink anything else.

2. Within half an hour before each meal drink two cups of water.

3. Juice recipe for lymphatic cleansing and drainage (to be drunk in one day, throughout the day)

Take the juice from 5 large oranges, 3 grapefruit and 1 lemon. Mix 50/50 with water. During this treatment day, no other food is to be eaten. Drink only water.

4. Smoothie suitable for mid morning to keep energy levels up until lunchtime. (Quantites are approximate and can be adjusted to taste)

Add a large handful of baby spinach leaves, a banana, an apple, a handful of grapes to the blender and whisk till smoothe. Add a little yoghurt or water to adjust the texture.


By westthaiyogamassage, May 20 2015 08:51PM

When I left Moscow and moved to the UK I was advised to continue my training with the Mudita School in London, near Liverpool Street. In April I was able to do just that with the long awaited "Rhythm and Rocking" seminar. When I first met Ralf I immediately felt the warmth of his nature and the depth of his understanding. I had no doubt I wanted to follow his school and teaching.

Ralf is able to create an amazing atmosphere of mutual warmth and comfort, just the right mood to promote learning. During the practice we learned not only the techniques but also how to feel for each other with care and tenderness.

This style of dynamic Thai massage is practised by Ajahn Chaiyuth Pryasith in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. Ralf went to him for treatments and persuaded him to teach some of his methods. This is what he was sharing with us in April.

The huge quantity of techniques is extremely diverse, and were taught with a depth of understanding that allows us now to use our creativity based on the needs of the patient. The basic method seems to me to be remeniscent of swinging in the cradle, a motion which balances the energy of the body while it soothes and relaxes. It is both physically and emotionally liberating. It is as enjoyable to give this massage as to receive it, like a meditation in motion focused on the needs of the patient.

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Thank you to everybody who attended, it was an absolute pleasure to work with you all for 5 days and a special thank you to Ralf for his generosity in sharing so much of his knowledge.

By westthaiyogamassage, Apr 29 2015 11:21AM

In April 2015 I spent the Easter holiday with my daughter in Moscow. It was a great chance to meet with yoga teacher Mohan Ji and my friend, the arist Rimma Korneeva who is his yoga student. Rimma has organised that Mohan Ji visit Russia and visit a number of cities while he is there. I was lucky that he would be in Moscow while I was there.

My daughter Arina had a happy time with Mohan Ji ... It was lovely to see a Russian girl communicating in English (as if it were her first language ), playing games with Mohan, doing yoga, drawing, asking questions, and ... non-stop talking :))

At the end I also had a chance to share Thai Yoga Massage with Mohan Ji

Amazing body!!! Amazing experience !!!

Soft, relaxed , peaceful, joyful...

Great experience ,

Thank you Mohan Ji and Rimma

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By westthaiyogamassage, Apr 15 2015 08:16PM

The sun is out, the flowers are blooming and soon we'll all want to be out in it. Gardening, painting the house, playing football, cricket, cycling, running. After months of reduced activity we want to get back out there with renewed vigour. And that's when accidents can happen. We have to be realistic. For many of us muscles are less used in the winter than in the summer, we stiffen up and get weaker. Not everyone of course, going to the gym can help, and some people don't give up their sport just because of a bit of wind and rain or snow. But many do.

When the sun comes out and we feel like we're coming out of hibernation we need first to stretch, then take it slowly and build up. If you've been a little sedentary for the past few months, be kind to your body, take it slowly, stretch well before and after exercise. Exercise includes gardening, carrying the bricks to build that new garden wall, cutting down that dead tree, dismantling the car engine, whatever the spring makes you feel like doing. Soft tissues damage easily if they are not prepared for the work. A sprain, a strain, a tear can happen in a moment.

Of course, as a massage therapist I will see people who have injured themselves and need help recovering, but I'd be much happier helping you to prevent the injuries in the first place. Thai Yoga Massage is not only massage but it is also stretching, strengthening, making the body more flexible and resiliant to injury. If you feel an urge to spend a day doing any of these activities, I'd much rather see you before you hurt yourself than after.

By westthaiyogamassage, Mar 22 2015 03:13PM

On 20th March Kea School near Truro held their annual Pamper Evening where therapists and various shops and beauticians can have a stall. This year Vicky Heffer from the Kea School fundraisers contacted me to ask if I would take part. The purpose is to raise funds towards the cost of a new building extension. I immediately agreed.

We planned to have eight 15-minute sessions where people could sample the treatment, and, because the massage is delivered fully clothed, others could watch and learn about Thai Yoga Massage at the same time. Each 15-minute slot would donate £5.00 to the school funds.

I am pleased to say that not only did we fill the 8 slots, once the audience saw understood what I was doing we had to turn people away! Really sorry to those who missed out, but it had to be strictly first come, first served, and six people had already booked in advance.

Of course, it's not possibe to do a full treatment in 15 minutes, but for me it was a great opportunity to quietly diagnose where each person had a slight tension or problem and try to do something to help. This meant that each "treatment" was different and made for more interesting viewing for the passing audience.

For me it was a great success. I raised £40 for the school and showed a large number of people who had never seen it before what Thai Yoga Massage is.

Many thanks to everyone who came to support the event, to those people who tried my massage and thereby contributed to the school funds, and thanks to Vicky and Kea School for inviting me. I hope we can do it again some time.


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