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Spring is here again

By westthaiyogamassage, Apr 15 2015 08:16PM

The sun is out, the flowers are blooming and soon we'll all want to be out in it. Gardening, painting the house, playing football, cricket, cycling, running. After months of reduced activity we want to get back out there with renewed vigour. And that's when accidents can happen. We have to be realistic. For many of us muscles are less used in the winter than in the summer, we stiffen up and get weaker. Not everyone of course, going to the gym can help, and some people don't give up their sport just because of a bit of wind and rain or snow. But many do.

When the sun comes out and we feel like we're coming out of hibernation we need first to stretch, then take it slowly and build up. If you've been a little sedentary for the past few months, be kind to your body, take it slowly, stretch well before and after exercise. Exercise includes gardening, carrying the bricks to build that new garden wall, cutting down that dead tree, dismantling the car engine, whatever the spring makes you feel like doing. Soft tissues damage easily if they are not prepared for the work. A sprain, a strain, a tear can happen in a moment.

Of course, as a massage therapist I will see people who have injured themselves and need help recovering, but I'd be much happier helping you to prevent the injuries in the first place. Thai Yoga Massage is not only massage but it is also stretching, strengthening, making the body more flexible and resiliant to injury. If you feel an urge to spend a day doing any of these activities, I'd much rather see you before you hurt yourself than after.

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