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West Thai Yoga Massage

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All these comments are from clients who have responded on facebook: West Thai Yoga Massage 

or Elena West pages:



"I can highly recommend this massage with Elena! ...   ...She is Highly Skilled in what she does ... totally amazing!"... Tryst Warrington



"It is a great webpage, dear Elena West ! And your massages are divine! EVERYBODY should know about this and ALL husbands should give their wives a massage voucher for Christmas (or the wives to the husbands of course ...)" ... Irene Lauretti



"Elena West has a beautiful gift! She sees beneath to the heart of each person she works with. Thank you for sharing!" ... Aimee Blackman



"Defo the best massage I have ever had xx" ... Gemma Petty

See Gemma's full experience with Elena's massage here.



"A truly amazing experience, will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated at the same time, performed by a real professional and a master of the trade! Give yourself a gift of thai massage, you won't regret it :-)" ... Olga Thyssen



"Looking forward to having a back massage with Elena West. Highly recommend to any of my friends out there in need of a massage-  check it out and feel free to share the link." ... James Petty



My Good Friend Elena is holding an event at the Cornwall Yoga Center, Truro...

I have experienced her amazing massage techniques, she is truly talented and highly experienced in what she does.. I totally recommend her. Come along and give it a try, I will be definitely going "... Tryst Warrington



Review from Cornwall Chiropractic Clinc Hayle website

"I have just experienced my third Thai Yoga Massage with Elena. After one session, I realised that Thai Yoga Massage is more than just a massage. It works on many levels helping to create space in the body.

Just as there is space outside and all around us, there is also space inside. I used to teach yoga so know that yoga is about opening. In fact, every time you master a yoga posture your personality will begin to change.It changes as we free up trapped energy blocks.( If our thoughts, feelings, actions and attitudes to life are negative they will inevitably cause an impedance in the body's natural energy flow.)

For myself, Elena, in the most professional way,had the remarkable ability to open out my body, expand my tight chest, reduce chronic tension in my neck and shoulders while greatly expanding my contracted hip joints! I could even feel the exaggerated hollow in my back smoothing out. This week I am walking taller, breathing better, aching less,and feeling so positive, Thank you so much.


I wholeheartedly recommend a visit to The Cornwall Chiropractic Clinic. You will be given a warm welcome by Amy, the friendly receptionist and it will be probably the best hour and a half you will have spent. It was for me !

S Roberts "