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West Thai Yoga Massage

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Deep tissue massage

There are many systems and traditions of massage that involve pressing and rubbing muscles directly through the skin. Oil is used as a lubricant and can include aromatic or "essential" oils for their theraputic benefits. "Oil" massage is the most generally known type of massage, so many clients feel comfortable with this type of therapy because it is familiar.


Massage can be applied lightly or deeply depending on the client's needs. For example if the client wants only to be relaxed and papmered the massage will be light. Also if a new injury is causing a lot of pain then light massage will be all that is required initially.  However, for healthy muscles that are used often, such as sports people, the massage can go deeper into the muscle to provide a more intense therapy.

Oil massage

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(back, legs, arms, shoulders, neck face and head)

using organic oils and aromatherapy

Price: 90 minutes - 1 hr 45  

£50 + donation


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