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Massage in Pregnancy

Massage during preganacy is a very delicate issue. Many people say that it should be avoided, but this is not totally true. Special skills are required dealing with a pregnant woman, but massage is still possible and extremely beneficial.


First, the most important thing is that you should be comfortable. It is not possible to lie on your stomach, and often, especially in the later stages, lying on your back is also difficult. Therefore all Thai Yoga Massage techniques for pregnant women are done lying on your side.


Second, the pressure used should be minimal, not just on areas near the abdomen, but everywhere. This is because the pressing releases toxins from the muscles. In a non pregnant person this is what you want. Releasing the toxins flushes them from the system. However, this process involves the toxins entering the blood stream initially and this has to be avoided in pregnancy.


Finally stretches have to be modified to suit, especially as the baby becomes bigger.


Elena trained initially as a midwife and has a lot of experience working with pregnant women.      


























Gemma Petty, one of Elena's clients seen here writes:

Gemma and Erin Erin smiling


I had my first massage from Elena when I was half way through my pregnancy. I've always heard that massage in pregnancy is beneficial but didn't realise how beneficial until I'd had one. It relieved foot & leg tenderness, pelvic and back pain where the weight was pulling forwards and so I decided to have them regularly. It then cured recurring sciatica and headaches. Pregnancy can cause a lot of anxiety/stress/worry and I found that the massage also helped with this. Elena is professional, friendly and will listen to your personal needs tailoring the massage to suit you.


After having my baby I decided to have further massage, although not so often, to cure the tension caused by labor and general tension from holding the baby, carrying the car seat etc. I would highly recommend this to any pregnant lady.

Price: 45 minutes - £40


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